KLIPPEL Laser Scanner

In addition to our POLYTEC Laser Scanner,we got the Klippel Laser Scanner recently. Why? Well,the Klippel device uses a Triangulation Laser and can output dimensions. It also couples the measurements to the surrounding air and allows to predict SPL including directivity –with a simple click only.

Here is what you get as animated picture:

Moving cone at 4347Hz

You can also have a look at the profile and here it’s easy to spot the cone/surround junction to be the area to work on:

Cone profile at 4347Hz


A really nice feature is the option to separate the part of the cone that vibrates in phase and the part that is not in phase and of course the result of both. This option really helps to understand a response curve of a speaker:












Last,but no least it is possible to show radial modes and circular  modes in different animations. Below is the circular mode of the driver. As you can see,there is a little bit of a Rocking Mode visible:



All together,a nice new toy. Guess it will take a few days before we know how to use it best. The system will definitely help to identify unknown drivers by giving us the real dimensions. Well done,Mr. Klippel









OK,late again with updates:-(

Last time I promised to write more –unfortunately it did not work out. Too much work and not enough time.

A lot happened –new people,new equipment and new customers.

I’ll report about the new people soon and add them to the list and I’ll also report about the new Klippel Scanning Laser . . . →Read More:OK,late again with updates :-(

Find your Album Art with BLISS

My music collection is on the Computer now. Grown over years,it’s a collection of all sorts of music,ripped with EAC and that means no Album Covers. And as I’m very lazy,I never found the time (and the motivation) to sit down for hours and search for Album Covers on the net.

Good . . . →Read More:Find your Album Art with BLISS

Effect of Thermal Compression in real world subwoofers

Whenever we at FAC design a subwoofer,we test after finishing the equalizing what the loudspeaker does at higher levels. The best method is to do a compression measurement. During this measurement,the input level of the subwoofer is increased and we check if the output level changes follows

A subwoofer after filtering

If . . . →Read More:Effect of Thermal Compression in real world subwoofers

Stitching together nearfield and farfield loudspeaker measurements –Part 1

Nearly everybody in our industry knows the AES article about nearfield measurements of Don B. Keele introduced in 1974. In his article,he described a way to make a nearfield measurement of a speaker and he compared it with the farfield response of the same speaker. He came to the following conclusion:Based on that . . . →Read More:Stitching together nearfield and farfield loudspeaker measurements –Part 1

NAIM Ovator 600 with BMR technology in the Top 10

Steve Guttenberg,writer for a number of HiFi magazines and Websites including Stereophile,posted his Top 10 list of speakers on his blog at CNET. Link

On the list,you can find the NAIM Ovator S-600,the first commercial available HighEnd speaker featuring the BMR (BalancedModeRadiator). It took years to develop the technology that far and . . . →Read More:NAIM Ovator 600 with BMR technology in the Top 10


Carsten Hicking of DigitalHighend published a page with links of websites for High-Resolution Audio downloads. Please support him if you find more and let him know,so the page can be updated. HighResDownload

On the left the company dog of DigitalHighend

Loudspeaker measurements on a MAC -Room EQ Wizard

OK,the headline is not really correct. Room EQ Wizard is not only for MAc,but also for Windows and Linux. However,as a Mac user,it’s difficult to find a measurement tool and so I’ll introduce whatever I find in the near future.

Room EQ Wizard is a Java application . . . →Read More:Loudspeaker measurements on a MAC -Room EQ Wizard

Testing my IPad- WordPress on the go

Hallo again,

now that I got my new toy,I need to find something to do for it. Why not using it for writing messages on my website? There is a WordPress App. for the Iphone and also now for the IPad.

Seems to work –otherwise you could not read this message . . . . →Read More:Testing my IPad- WordPress on the go

AMARRA goes version 2 soon and adds FLAC

In a few weeks you can expect to see version 2 of our favourite Playback software in our listening room. The new AMARRA version will play FLAC files and supports playback without Itunes via Playlists

Already in the old version,the Playlist Mode was already the better sounding one,but now in version 2,Sonic . . . →Read More:AMARRA goes version 2 soon and adds FLAC